Spring Cleaning: Sort It Out

I was born to be organized. My sun sign says so. And with all that Virgo energy coursing through me, I have to admit, it's pretty much true. Except… there have been times when I've seemed a bit off-course—usually the result of a cleaning frenzy gone awry. So I came up with a system (of […]

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Spring Cleaning: Clear Out the Clutter

Anybody else ready for spring? Yeah, me, too. Monday was the turning point for me. I woke up to find a smattering of snow on the ground and my car completely iced over. But by the end of the day, the sun was shining, the snow was all but melted and I actually got a […]

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6 Tips for Beating the Winter Blues

Woke up to my precious darling Maggie's quiet little "rrrufff" … the one she gives when it's time to go OUT and Mommy is still asleep. Socks, boots, thermals, coat, hat, mittens and a scarf later, we were out the door. Temperatures only barely in the double digits, I felt myself moaning… isn't it just […]

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No Going Back

Tell me the Universe doesn't have a sense of humor… Mere hours after posting about choosing happiness when things don't go our way, my car stopped going the way I wanted it to. That is, Rosie—my little Ford Explorer Sport—decided she doesn't feel like backing up anymore. I made a joke to some friends about […]


Choose Happiness!

I pulled up the blinds this morning to find a grey kind of day, cold and overcast. It even feels cold, grey and overcast indoors, and the fire in the wood stove isn't exactly been cooperating at the moment. Could this be one of those days? Certainly not. That is, it could be if I […]

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Coquettish Courgettes

Two years ago—this very week, in fact—life as I knew it blew apart. To say it was turned upside down is an understatement. The details, it turns out, are far less important than the journey, and I can only be grateful, because without that plummet and resurrection, I wouldn't be where I am today—and where […]

Beet Me, Baby!

Now that it's December, I'm forced to accept that summer is, in fact, over. But wasn't it just yesterday that I had the windows wide open and the fan blowing? I guess not. Not to mention, I seem to recall–rather vividly–solemnly vowing in the midst of a heatwave that, not only would I not complain […]


Cleaning Your Temple

It's that time of year again! Time to think about your spring cleaning! Yes, I know–I just posted about cleaning your house with natural products, but I think you know where I'm going with this and you're right–your home isn't the only thing that benefits from a thorough spring cleaning. So can your body! After […]

Conscious Shopping Cleans House

House cleaning not your favorite thing? I don't mind it, truthfully. But I will say this: if I'm going to put the energy into cleaning my house, I do actually want it to be clean. I mean, how clean is your house if your cleaning products are toxic? My first apartment out of college had the […]

The Comfort of Pondering Plurals Over Soup

This isn't a complaint, but it's well past Epiphany and I've been “stuck” in Vermont since Dec. 23. What's that thing about our best laid plans? My plan was to come home for Christmas and maybe stay for New Year's… And yet, here I am, blogging from my mother's kitchen table. In Vermont. In what […]